Art + Design Department Scholarship Exhibition

Fall 2020

Brandi Nevarez

Brandi Nevarez, A Rainy Night in…, Autodesk Sketchbook & Adobe After Effects, 2020

Brandi Nevarez, Pink Granient, Autodesk Sketchbook & Adobe Photoshop, 2020

Jacqueline Sanchez

Jacqueline Sanchez, Anthesis, Polymer Clay, 2020

Jacqueline Sanchez, Unrequired Love, Wood and Polymer Clay, 2020

Zinnia Nguyen

Zinnia Nguyen, I'm a 1900s Sailor Moon Type of Girl, Coded in Brackets, 2020


Ayesha, lIlumination, Oil on Canvas, 2020

Ayesha, Hellhound, Ink on Paper, 2020

Sally Dao

Sally Dao, Spa Day, HTML and CSS, 2020

Sally Dao, Lulu and the Lavender, Mixed Media and Digital Illustration, 2020

Leigh Vargas

Leigh Vargas, Para Goya, Ballpoint Pen and Mixed Media, 2020

Leigh Vargas, Inside, you know, Ballpoint Pen and Watercolor, 2020

Aidan Piper

Aidan Piper, Twizoms, Inkjet Print, 2020

Aidan Piper, June and Going into October, Inkjet Print, 2020

Samuel Hiebert

Samuel Hiebert, Gabe, Ink on Bristol Board, 2020

Samuel Hiebert, Gristler, Ink on Bristol Board, 2020

Katelyn Krabacher

Katelyn Krabacher, The Elk, Ceramic, 2019

Katelyn Krabacher, The Cat, Ceramic, 2020

Mar Arriaga

Mar Arriaga, Small Pot, Ceramic Vessel, 2020

Mar Arriaga, Untitled, Monotype and Screen Print, 2020

James Sturnfield

James Sturnfield, What A Small World We Have to Burn, Spray Paint and Oil Paint on Canvas, 2019

James Sturnfield, My Dear Old Friend, Till We Meet Again, Spray Paint and Oil Paint on Canvas, 2020

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