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Workshop From Kristin Abhalter Smith


Submitting Work

Creating an Image List

This is an IMAGE LIST

When appling to a show or a gallery you may be expected to include an image list.

It is good to get into the practise of making an image list when applying to things and turning your work in. Why? Because you never know who you're turning your work in to. It maybe a person who doesn't know anything about art etiquette, or a professonal artist/ gallery owner. Whom ever it maybe, It is a good idea to get into this habit. The unfamilar person will have a list to keep track of your works and this will hopefully decrease the chance of any mix ups or mispelling for your works. It will also make you look more professional.

Turn in a seprate image list per show you are applying to. So if you where turning works into the same gallery but to two different shows, do not combine the works into one list, keep them seprate.

So if you had 3 works for a Summer 2021 show and 5 works for a Fall 2021 show, make two seprate image lists to turn in. Not one list with eight works on it. Unless otherwise told so.

Name Image List files 

Last Name_Image List_Title of show you're applying/subitting work for

Mathews_image list_Summer 2021.pdf

Mathews_Image List_Fall 2021.pdf

It is always good to double check what are the pacific requirements a place has for turning in works.

Downloadable Example

Naming Images

It is also very imporant to get into the habit of naming your image files correctly.

Corresponding number to image list_Last name_Title of work.jpeg

So if we look at our examples from the image list provided we would name the files...

01_Mathews_Bike Racks.jpeg


03_Mathews_Ivy Tree.jpeg

04_Mathews_Orange Wall.jpeg

05_Mathews_Stairs to Nowhere.jpeg

06_Mathews_Ten Hexagons.jpeg

07_Mathews_Leaning Tree.jpeg


09_Mathews_Bulletin Board.jpeg

010_Mathews_Three Flower Pots.jpeg

011_Mathews_Green Window.jpeg

012_Mathews_Garden and Red Chair.jpeg


Graphic Design

Studio Art

Writing an Artist Statement:

Writing a Resume or CV:

Here is a downloadable word document from NEIU. It has instructions on how to write Bio and Resume with a few examples. 

Resources for Writing 


Proposal Strategies

NEIU Library Youtube

-how to use the library for your research

Library Resources

A big thank you to Kristin Adhalter Smith for doing this workshop!