Student Art Sale Online!!!

Let us continue our NEIU tradition!


Since the gallery is closed this semester, we are unable to have our art sale in person. This does not mean we have to stop having our art sale. We would like to have this opportunity still available by advertising the Student Art Sale online this year!

We will do this by having a special announcement sent out to the whole NEIU community, and inform them to come view the NEIU Art + Design Community website to see what students and alumni have for sale.


How will this work?

We will be advertising the artists of this event on a special limited time page on the NEIU Art + Design Community website. There will be your name, ONE image of your choice for advertising the things you are selling, and a short description of what type of things you are selling. This will simply give viewers a little glimpse of what you have available which should hopefully grab their attention.

When the potential buyer clicks on your image, it will bring them to your online shop that you will have to set up or have already set up. You can use Ebay, Etsy, BigCartel, Shopify, or whatever type of online store you have or feel comfortable using!

As a reminder, customers are purchasing through your own store. YOU are responsible for handling the sales and shipping of your items. We highly suggest you carefully account for shipping costs before you price your items.


If you would like to be part of this event, Please let us know via email. 

NEIU will not take fees to join in, nor will it take any percentage on any sales you make. It is FREE to participate in this.

If you are interested in participating in this please email us at

To help give us an idea of how many people are interested.



Need Advice? 

If you would like advice about cheap shipping labels or how to figure out shipping costs, let us know. Also, if you do not already have an online shop of your own, but would like to participate, feel free to reach out to us or others for advice on what a good option for you to use would be. Ebay may be a good option if you want to just have a shop for the sale and be done with it after. There are fees on Ebay when you make a sale just like any sales web provider, but they are relatively low; moreover, if you do not sell an item, there is no penalty for deactivating a listing.

If you have advice, comments, questions, or concerns related to this topic, let us know via email.

If you have a shop, what do you use? Would you recommend it to fellow students and alumni? What is the best place to get shipping supplies, or to print shipping labels that you've used and would suggest?

Note if you are a first time online seller, please check out this blog post for some advice.

Also ask your peers what website they sell on.

Student Art Sale: Bring in the Participants!

Starting now you can send us the required parts needed for the sales page. There are examples attached below. Please take a look at those to make sure you have everything that is needed for your submission.


What’s needed:

-        Only ONE image of your choice for advertising all or some of the things you are selling

          (Image size works best about 4032 x 3024 pixels)

-        A 1-2 sentence description of what type of things you are selling

-        The link to your shop

          *if you have a shop already please include a link to your shop

          * if you do not have an online shop yet please submit your other two items first then send us                     your link when you make it

Due dates:

Nov 29th by 11:59 PM

To be on the sales page you need to have your one advertising image, 1-2 sentence description, and link to your shop, sent to us by Nov 29th 11:59PM. You will also need to have AT LEAST ONE item for sale in your shop. It would be best if you have all or most of your items up and ready. We do not want shoppers to be clicking on empty shops day one of the sale.

However if you only have one or a few items to sell, we are not saying you need a lot of items to participate. We are saying have that item up by one day before the sale. 


Dec 1st to 12th

The Student Art Sale will be advertised to the NEIU community.

Also tell your friends and family to come check out your and fellow NEIU students' shops :)


Join the Artist Page

You are always welcome to join the artist page. There are no due dates for that. We suggest that if you are participating in the Student Art Sale that you also submit to be on the artist page. If a shopper really likes your work, it’s possible they would like to check out your bio or follow your social media links.

If you haven't recieved that email please Click Here for the details for that.


If you have any questions let us know.

Best Regards, Jackie & Kellie

Examples for the Sales page