Kellie Jarr

Wanderlust, Mixed Media, 2019, 24" x 18"

Kellie Jarr is a Chicago based artist who received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Studio Art from Northeastern Illinois University in December 2019. Her work has been displayed and featured in multiple exhibitions around campus. While her emphasis was Drawing, she also minored in Interactive Design and Art History. She also enjoys working with other media such as Graphic Design, Photography and Polymer clay.  She likes creating art that opens a different viewpoint of living things which can form a sense of empathy, mystery, or narrative in a poetic way. She considers her work to be expressive as she shows the interaction between the subjects within the piece.

She is currently working towards getting her teaching license from Northeastern Illinois University. She also has a website where she posts her drawings, classes she teaches, and any upcoming events. She has an Instagram where she posts her polymer clay art, and she has started an Etsy shop to sell her art.

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Jackie Sanchez

Welcome to Mictlan, Mixed Media Sculpture, 2020,  11" x 8" x 2"

Jacqueline Sanchez is a Mexican-American artist working in sculpture. Her work has been shown at the In-Art Gallery's Juried Show The Premier Exhibition - June Show

along with the work of 48 artists from across the country. She is a senior at Northeastern Illinois University where she is double majoring in Studio Art and Spanish. As an artist, Jacqueline is also interested in painting, videography, and photography. Her own experiences as well as her critical look at culture, sociology and politics influence her work the most. 

Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to open an online shop where she sells her hand-crafted items. She is currently working on attaining her bachelor’s degree and expanding her online business.


In her free time Jacqueline enjoys playing the flute, designing new products for her shop, and creating social media content.


Feel free to check out her Instagram and website for updates on new art and upcoming shows. 

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Sally Dao

Sally Dao is a graphic designer and student based in Chicago, Illinois. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design at Northeastern Illinois University where she was awarded two Art & Design Merit scholarships. She currently works at the Angelina Pedroso Center for Diversity and Intercultural Affairs. Her job is to create posters, vector illustrations, and logos. Sally enjoys helping people establish a brand and visual identity through digital design, which conveys a message that is unique and to their liking. Sally also has the skills to manage and market in a social media setting. Her work is inspired by earth tone colors, cozy evenings, and Korean lifestyle Youtube channels.


In her spare time, Sally likes to try new pasta recipes, go on hikes, and read contemporary fantasy novels. 


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Flower Boy Mocha & Flying Mocha, 
Pin-back Button, Printed Illustration,
2020, 1.5” Diameter
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Jake Rodriguez

Ideal Squid, Ink, 2019, 8.5" x 11"

Jake is a traditional and digital conceptualist, designer and writer. He likes to frequently combine written and spoken narrative with his illustrative work, as well as make his unique and outlandish designs accessible for laymen/hobbyists.


Jacob has a fascination with cartoons and anachronistic fantasy settings. He enjoys writing horror, making doodles and overall enthralling audiences with bizarre and funny stories. 


He currently is helping young authors at Creepypasta.wikia develop their writing, and is looking deeper into graphic design to bolster his illustrative work. He hopes to gain a position in video game design and concept art some day. 


Feel free to check out his Artstation and Creepypasta!

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Joshua Cordero

The Kid, Photography, 2020, 11" x 14"

Joshua Cordero is a Graphic Designer based in Chicago. He is currently attending Northeastern Illinois University, majoring in Graphic Design. His hobbies are photography, illustrating, and filmmaking. His graphic design works are narrative based, often showing both the depressing and happy sides of life. He takes a lot of inspiration from films, tv shows, and anime. His filmmaking style is jump cut and match cuts. He relies more on movement than on dialogue, and has a dark sense of humor.


Feel free to check out his Instagram and youtube channel as well.

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Derek Ramos

Derek Ramos is a Chicago based UX Designer and photographer. As an artist, he has a deep interest in integrating art and technology. The fusion of both mediums allows him to explore his creative process in various ways. His work is often inspired by his global travels and the immersion of unique cultural experiences. He is influenced by minimalist designs and draws inspiration from William Eggleston's photography who finds "beauty in a mundane world."

As a Junior, he attends Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago where he is completing his major in Graphic Design. He recently interned with the Department of Innovation and Technology Design System to redesign the City of Chicago's 311 app.

Outside of his academic studies, he enjoys djing for private events, cycling around the city, and creating visuals for websites and apps with his favorite Leica film camera.


Feel free to check out his social medias and portfolio listed below.

LP: Virtual Record Store App Mockup; User Interface Design, 2019, 414 x 736 (iPhone Screen) and 20.056" x 20.817"
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Leigh Vargas

Shirley/Leigh Vargas is a Chicago-born and based interdisciplinary artist currently studying for her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Drawing and a second major in Art History from Northeastern Illinois University. From 2017-2018, she was President of the NEIU Art Club and co-founded the Artists’ Society in 2019. She was awarded Best in 2D in the 2020 NEIU Juried Art Show, as well as the Bernard Brommel Award for Excellence in Podium Research Presentation in the 2019 Student Research and Creative Activities Symposium. She is a multiple time recipient of the Art and Merit Scholarship from NEIU, and has had work displayed in various exhibitions around Chicago. Her artwork reflects on identity, altered states of mind, and subconscious dialogue.

Pronouns: She/They


Feel free to check out her Instagram and website listed below.

Split, Ballpoint Pen and Marker, 2020, 7" x 10", 
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Katelyn Krabacher

At the Altar of My Demons, Mixed Media, 2020, Installation

Katelyn Krabacher is a sculptural artist based in Chicago. She will soon complete her bachelors in Studio Art and Art History at Northeastern Illinois University. Her work was recently displayed in a solo exhibition At the Altar of My Demons at NEIU. She was awarded "Best in 3D" at the 2020 Annual Juried Student Exhibition at NEIU. Through clay, nature, astrology and magic: Katelyn explores demons from her past, the current reality and the spirituality found through the process. 


Pronouns: She/Her

Explore Katelyns works on her website or follow her on instagram. 

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Alexander Jarvis

Hear the Difference, Digital, 2019,

8.5 x 11 inches

Alexander Jarvis is a graphic designer and student based in Chicago Illinois. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at Northeastern Illinois University. He currently works as an Orientation Leader, and is the Graphic Designer for the Student Leadership Development department, also known as SLD. SLD is a department that handles most of the major events that occur on campus, and so, as the Graphic Designer for SLD, Alex is tasked with the creation of logos and flyers, both for print and digital purposes. This includes vector graphics, digital manipulation, layout design for publications, and requires clear, concise, and timely communication to create designs and pieces of work for both faculty and student organizations at NEIU. Alex's work is inspired and influenced by many of his other interests, including animation, photography, cinematography, sound design/engineering, game design, as well as digital illustrators and clean UI/UX design.


You can often find Alex watching let's plays of video games on YouTube, testing out movies and music on his many headphones and speaker systems, riding his road bike, snuggling with his dogs and cats, and posting what he thinks are artsy photos of said interests.

Pronouns: He/Him


Follow Alex on Instagram! And stay tuned for a possible art page? Let him know if he should make an art page!

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Tracey Roth

Tracey Roth is an artist residing in Chicago, IL. She is graduating with a degree in Studio Art with a concentration in sculpture, at Northeastern Illinois University. She creates sculptures in clay and plaster, but likes to do some oil painting in her down time. Tracey uses her work to discuss emotions she finds difficult to express. Roth has been admitted to the NEIU Annual Juried Exhibition twice, and the NEIU Anatomy and Inner Workings Exhibition. She spent last summer organizing a show with her peers called Not All Rainbows & Butterflies. Throughout 2020, she has worked to produce her first solo exhibition, Face The Void, currently on display in the Impact Gallery of NEIU’s Steinberg Fine Arts Center.   

Pronouns: She/Her

Feel free to check out her Instagram listed below.

Heart In a Cage, Mixed Media, 2019,
12" x 8" x 13"
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Veronica Cerda

The Tale of Two Angels, Oil on masonite, 2020, 11" x 8"

Veronica Cerda is an artist who resides in the city of Chicago. She specializes in acrylic portraits. In high school, She was introduced to Graffiti. That style of art influences majority of her paintings. She works on everything from cityscapes, landscapes, portraits and even space. Portraits are one of her favorite subjects to paint due to the challenges of capturing one’s essence to canvas. Veronica always pushes her own preferences of style and materials which is why her current work has taken a strong turn. Instead of acrylic, she picked up oil and instead of contemporary, she chose renaissance for her most recent painting called “The Tale of Two Angels”.


Veronica's paintings have been shown in several locations. Her latest painting titled “The grass ain’t always greener” will be in the upcoming group exhibition at Bridgeport Art Center from November 16, 2020 - January 1, 2021. Virtual tours are available. She is participating in the upcoming NEIU holiday art sale. Veronica is also open for commissions simply contact via email: or on Instagram: kingmarzhmello.

Pronouns: She/Her

Feel free to check out her Instagram listed below.

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Tracy Evans

Taking A Dip, Digital Media, 2018,
405 x 720 pixels

Tracy Evans is an interdisciplinary artist working in a variety of mediums such as acrylic paint, sculpture, and digital media. She currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, and will graduate Northeastern Illinois University in the spring of 2021 to attain her bachelor’s degree in psychology and art with a concentration in studio art and a minor in interactive design. While at Northeastern Illinois University, Tracy’s artwork has been accepted into the Student Juried Show in 2020, and was on display with others in the Artstravaganza show in 2018 and 2019. Along with being in the John Stamos Art Show in 2017 at Douglas Park in Chicago, Illinois, Tracy’s painting, Mercy, was shown in an online article of the same name by Rolling Stone Magazine.


Tracy uses art as a therapeutic tool, and with the combination of dark colors, organic shapes and textures, Tracy strives to convey and ignite emotion through her art. After she graduates, she intends on attending graduate school for Art Therapy.



Feel free to check out her Instagram!

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Isis Villagomez


Isis Villagomez is a Graphic Designer and D.I.Y. artist based in SouthWest Side Chicago. Majoring in Graphic Design at Northeastern Illinois University has wholeheartedly exposed her to another side of design. As an artist, she is always looking for inspiration and a challenge to further her technique. In doing so, Isis’ passion for art+design has led her to explore and try other mediums. Because of this, she has worked on projects involving photography, illustration in both digital and sketch, creating animated GIFs, D.I.Y. projects, and has even dipped her toes in videography; stop motion videography more specifically. Some of her inspiration ranges from grunge style art, street art, fashion, pastel aesthetics, the beauty in femininity, and current events. 

In her spare time, Isis loves to work on her personal projects and handmakes items for her online Etsy shop. Some of these projects range from photography shoots, design posters, and sketching illustrations. For a glimpse of what she creates for her shop, items vary from watercolor bookmarks to glass jar earrings + more!

Pronouns: She/Her

Check out the socials below to stay updated on her current+future projects or follow/share your artistic journey! She would love to connect! 

Manifest This Love, GIF , 2020,
1152  x 1400 pixels
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Zinnia Nguyen

Zinnia Nguyen.jpeg
Zinnia Nguyen_Be Kind to yourself, Adobe
Zinnia Nguyen_banner.jpg

Zinnia Nguyen is a senior at Northeastern Illinois University studying under Graphic Design. She became interested in the major after some years of playing around in Photoshop and being introduced to Illustrator. She enjoys creating illustrations of zen-like themes or galaxies related themes in Photoshop and Illustrator combined. She also has a creative writing minor as she would like to one day combine her illustrations into a story. 

Pronouns: She/Her

Feel free to check out her Instagram as she is slowly uploading her work there.

Be Kind To Yourself!, Adobe Photoshop, 2020, 4" x 4"
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